To all dogs

Hi, fellas,

I’m Felix, five years old and I’m the boss here, even if my mistress, who makes the CEO, hasn’t noticed that yet. I really enjoy this job.

I am happy with her when many nice people come to us and have a wonderful time in our cottages.
I am even more happy when these nice people also bring nice dogs.
For them, just like for me, here is the purest paradise. There is soooo much space to romp and explore and also to swim if someone likes it, and there are wonderful places with the most exciting scents.

That’s why so many people come here and spend a wonderful time here. My mistress writes in the flyer “Dogs: On request“, but she is as much looking forward to you as I am to you, provided, of course, that you are as well-behaved as I am.

By the way: I fully understand that there are also people who are not so enthusiastic about dogs and say so.
I can assure these people: They will feel super comfortable in their cottage, because they will not see me.

Greetings to you
Your Felix